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  About The School  

Our Mission

       In an effort to develop students who will graduate and be fully prepared for post-secondary education and/or careers, Washington Middle School is committed to providing a challenging academic environment that is safe, orderly, and addresses the individual needs of the students.

Our Vision

       Our vision is to become a community of learners that provides an engaging environment for both students and teachers, promoting community involvement and parent engagement. Our vision is to become a learning community with personalized academic experiences for all students. Our vision is to provide a clean, safe, orderly environment that promotes social and academic growth.

Our Beliefs

Technology plays a vital role in the delivery of instruction and enables the WMS faculty to move students into Twenty-First Century learning.

Inspiring students to perform at their greatest intellectual potential is essential in developing leaders for tomorrow.

Goal Setting promotes focus and fortitude and must be aligned with academic standards.

Engagement of students, parents, and teachers is an imperative step to academic achievement for students.

Relationships build cohesiveness and trust among students, faculty, and parents and opens avenues for students to receive information more readily.

Safety is a top priority. When students, faculty, and staff feel they are in a safe and orderly environment, the learning process flows and flourishes.